It is clear that a self-respecting biker will always appreciate a gift that has to do with the world of two wheels.

So if this Christmas you want to surprise that person who is fascinated by motorcycles, you should know what are the best Christmas gifts for bikers. 

In OG we are clear that in our online store you will find many very interesting items with which to surprise and that any biker would appreciate to be given as a gift.


Boot protector

It is among the most original gifts for bikers. The use of the motorcycle, gear changes and friction make the shoes and boots can wear out or get damaged. Those users who use the motorcycle daily for all their journeys suffer to a greater extent this deterioration.

The motorcycle boot protector is an article for bikers designed to protect boots and shoes from chafing, specially those caused by the motorcycle gearshift. 

So, this holiday season, take care of the aesthetics of your favorite biker or biker with an original Christmas gift for bikers.


Motorcycle helmet

This is one of the most common Christmas gifts for bikers, but it is still a good option. Renewing the protective helmet for a biker is very important and if you give him one that fits his style and type of motorcycle, you will undoubtedly surprise him.

But be careful, a helmet saves lives. So make sure that the helmet is an approved and good quality model. Give the gift of utility and safety with the right protection and add to your shopping cart one of the best gifts to surprise a motorcyclist this Christmas.


Motorcycle jackets

The choice of helmet, clothing and motorcycle are a matter of taste and style. If what you want is to give a gift that goes with the style of that biker, a motorcycle jacket is a very good option. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for bikers. 

You will find a wide variety of jackets for bikers from which to choose the design that they like the most or that best suits their style.

And it’s not just about aesthetics. Take a look at protection. Motorcycle clothing comes with built-in protections that provide extra safety while riding and avoid major problems in case of an accident. 

Style and safety in one of the most original gifts for bikers.


Motorcycle gloves

Although it is not among the most original gifts for bikers, it is still a great gift. Because, what could be better than giving safety as a gift. And the function of gloves is to protect the driver’s hands in case of a fall.  

In addition, although it may seem that it is not very original, there are very interesting options on the market. There are currently a wide variety of motorcycle glove designs that mix style with safety and offer riders very good options to keep their hands well protected.


Helmet backpack

It couldn’t be any other way. One of the gifts to surprise a biker this Christmas that will really leave him or her open-mouthed is a helmet backpack. And if it’s from OG, success is assured.

It is one of the things that every biker wants. A backpack conceived and designed by and for bikers. The OG DHT backpack allows you to carry up to two helmets and is one of the least expected gifts for bikers at Christmas. 

Anyone who owns a motorcycle knows how tedious it is to carry your helmet everywhere you go or not have a safe and comfortable carrying method. 

Backpack for belongings and helmet carrier? Forget about it. Give the gift of a helmet backpack with space for personal items. Comfortable, versatile and with designs to the taste of all lovers of burning wheel. 

Make a note of it, because a helmet backpack is a very good gift, because with it you can carry the helmet more comfortably, whether you go to work on your bike or you use it for the ride and do not want to leave the helmet forgotten in all the places you stop to know or rest.


Surprise your friend or family member who loves motorcycles with one of the most original gifts for bikers and get surprise this Christmas.


Some other gifts that can be very useful for a biker

Okay, there have only been 5. And we know there are many more options. So take note because we have done our homework and we give you some gift ideas to surprise a biker this Christmas so you have many more options.


Motorcycle backpacks

If you have been browsing through our site, you will have discovered that we have a wide variety of motorcycle backpacks. This option can be one of the most useful Christmas gifts for bikers with which you can also surprise that loved one who loves two wheels. 

A motorcycle backpack is a good gift, as it is a motorcycle accessory that will bring you utility and maneuverability that you can carry the helmet and other important items comfortably. 

Nowadays there are a lot of models that are designed with materials that will not be damaged in case of rain, exposure to sun and dust. 

In addition, ergonomics becomes a fundamental factor. A motorcycle backpack that fits the body so that its use is not unsafe while driving is a useful gift that ensures the safety of the driver.


Motorcycle cover

This is one of the gifts to a motorcyclist for Christmas that they are going to thank you enormously. Especially those who don’t use their bike all the time and, therefore, are looking to keep it protected from dust and other external agents that can deteriorate it while it is not in motion. 

There are many types of motorcycle covers on the market, and many are waterproof and have a strap system that allows a more efficient adjustment to your vehicle. So, it’s all advantages.


GPS or smartphone holder

An accessory that we can include among the most original gifts for motorcyclists is a motorcycle mount for GPS or smartphone. With this motorcycle accessory, the driver can safely place his smartphone or GPS system. 

The visibility of the screen being in a stable position does not put driving at risk and allows you to view the route maps safely.


Have you already decided which of our gift ideas to surprise a motorcyclist this Christmas is your favorite? If you are still undecided, we invite you to visit our online store and take a look at all our items.

Surely in our catalog you will find that perfect gift for bikers that you are looking for.